Aug 312011

Several months ago I attended a workshop by Janet Allison, a Parent Educator and Consultant based in Portland.  It was lively, informative and gave a great opportunity to reflect on the uniqueness and strengths of my son.

Although these are probably good practices for boys and girls, they seem to be especially helpful with boys.  Here are a few “take-aways” that I am still incorporating to this day:

  • The importance of touch when communicating with a boy
  • How can we make the environment such that the boy’s behaviors are seen as “ok”?
    • For example, when big or loud energy is present – can we go outside?
  • That it can be stress-inducing to require a boy to look you in the eyes as you are communicating with him.
  • A drink of water can reduce stress immediately.

If you have an interest in brain science, gender differences or the wisdom of a long time teacher, attend the final workshop being offered this year.

 The Boys Alive! Workshop will be on Saturday, September 17, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 in SE Portland.  Registration is here.   (

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