Nov 122012

Sometimes an essay or poem or story speaks to your heart in such a way that your spine tingles and tears well up and you can’t help but smile or laugh or cry. Sometimes you stumble across something written that is so true that it speaks to the very essence of your life as you know it and you want to read it again and again, the words proof that your experience is real. And sometimes, you find something that is just so poetically beautiful it must be shared.

Stealing Time, a literary magazine for parents, is all of those things.

When my first issue of Stealing Time arrived in my mailbox I held it in my hands. The glossy cover beckoned me to find a quiet corner, a cup of tea, a cozy blanket. I had no idea what kind of stories would emerge, but I had the sense that they would speak to me. And speak to me they did.

I opened it up and the pages exhaled the nourishing parental connection I was longing for. I knew immediately that I would not be able to stop reading until I had inhaled every page. And that is exactly what happened.

“In the beginning is the mother.” (Into it All by Sarah Gilbert)

I felt a connection with parents everywhere.

“Like many parents in this age of indulgence, I continue to fret over my kids excessively. And they continue to reward this excess by reflecting a good many of my worst traits.” (In my Image by Steve Almond)

I laughed at the truth of my own parenting shortcomings.

“There is magic juice in breakfast. It’s grape. If you drink it you aren’t dead anymore.” (Calling in Dead by Vaughn Teegarden)

I relished in the sweet simplicity children bring to our world.

“I held him for hours, savoring his breath, in love with his sweet sleeping sounds, his suckling mouth.” (Cutting the Cord by Melinda Conway)

I melted into those indescribable moments that define parenting.

And when I was done, I wanted to read it again and again. If you don’t yet have a subscription to Stealing Time, you should. Click over and get one now. In this day and age, when we inundate ourselves with parenting books and advice and expert opinions, when we focus more on what we are doing wrong as parents than on what we are doing right, when we compare and contrast and pit ourselves against an unreachable standard of parenting that always seems to be moving outside our reach, Stealing Time magazine is one place we can go to simply share the journey. The good, the bad, the funny, the messy, the joy, the pain, the truth of parenting.

Thank you to Sarah Gilbert and all the others at Stealing Time for this gift. I can’t wait for the next issue.

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