Dec 072017
The Nurtured Mama Workshop Weekend

    What happens when a small group of women get together for a lovely weekend of nurturing indulgence? Magic. That’s what. Join Darci Walker and Dianna Contreras in a gorgeous setting for a weekend of heart hugging, soul soothing, thought provoking practices aimed at taking care of mama. You will get to: Go deeper […]

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Jun 242014
Mushy Gushy Love

The other day I came across a post touting the virtues of complaining about our children. Bonding, commiserating, empathic connection with other parents over the trials and tribulations of parenthood. It doesn’t really matter what post it was: there are a number, probably countless posts, blogs, memes and status updates, suggesting that this is in […]

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Oct 152013
The Joy Of Food

  The other day as we sat down to have snack I mentioned to my kids that our new friend would be coming over the next day. I told them that we would need  prepare food thoughtfully for him because he has a peanut allergy.   My five-year-old put his hands over his head and […]

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Sep 162013
My Child Just Is.

My child is…. Early. Late. Tall. Short. Energetic. Tired. Hyper. Aggressive. Withdrawn. Active. Behind. Ahead. Loud. Shy. Social. Bright. Whiney. Emotional. The labels that we use have a powerful influence over how we feel about our child. My child is… Transitioning. Challenging. Developing. Delayed. Not developing. Growing too fast. Developing too slowly. Oppositional. Compliant. Defiant. […]

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Sep 092013
Sex: Can Your Kids Really Talk To You?

What message do you give your child about sex? How do kids learn about sex? More importantly, how do they learn how to learn about sex? Do they feel comfortable coming to you about sex? Really? Are you sure? Most of us say, or will say, “You can talk to me about anything.” And we […]

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Aug 032013
Rock the Mom Jeans

It is my belief that one of the biggest challenges in parenting is remembering that our child is an individual, separate and unique from us. They are on their own path and developing their own self that is outside of their relationship with us, their parent.  When we hold this truth, our interactions with our […]

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