May 272013
Family Is Change

If there is one thing that is true about families, it is that families, all families, are constantly in transition. They are changing all the time. And family is always family. No matter what it looks like. Some families have two parents, a mom and a dad, and everyone lives together in one house. Some […]

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May 202013
Learning Versus Thinking

Last night I watched a Ted talk by Jacob Barnett, a 13-year-old genius with Asperger’s. His message? “Forget what you know.” “Stop learning and start thinking.” And, while Jacob’s story begins with how the educational and diagnostic systems that we have in our society were not able to meet his needs because he was working […]

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Apr 162013
Changing the Story of Tragedy

Tragedy We agonize over how to talk to our kids about tragedy. We grapple with comprehending these types of events ourselves, and the idea that we can somehow find the words that would make the events reasonable for a child to integrate seems daunting at best. There are numerous posts and articles swirling around that […]

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Mar 202013
A Kid's Life

Nine-year-old David comes home, throws his backpack on the floor and stomps off to his room. Several minutes later he is lurking around the kitchen while his mom cooks dinner, poking at his brother, whining to his mother. She tells him to go outside and play until dinner is ready. He goes to put on […]

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Feb 052013
Help Me Please!

Why don’t we ask for help? Raise your hand if you are good at asking for help when you need it. Through our virtual connection, I envision a room full of crickets chirping as the vast majority of us sit on our hands and look around to catch a glimpse of the parents who have […]

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