Dr. Darci Walker received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Argosy University, Phoenix Campus, an APA accredited program and is licensed in Oregon and Washington. She has experience working with families, individuals and children in both the group and individual settings. Since graduating in 2003, she has worked with men, women and couples in various stages of family transitions with a sub-specialty in child abuse. More recently, she has focused on working with parents, and the variety of life and identity changes that occur during this amazing stage of life. From Post-partum depression to relationship difficulties, career changes to identity reformation, Darci is interested in the multiple layers of challenges and joys that parenting brings and loves working with both men and women as they negotiate through these processes.

Darci uses an integrated approach to her understanding of how we interact with others and experience life. She relies on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Relational Therapies, and Mindfulness based therapies to help clients gain the tools and insight they need to transform their lives and relationships with others. She believes strongly that the therapist-client relationship is one of collaboration and teamwork and works hard to build an atmosphere of trust and safety that allows clients to move forward with the difficult work they have come to therapy to address. Darci’s personal style is direct and straight-foward while at the same time being patient and caring. She also loves to incorporate humor into therapy, with a firm belief that sometimes, we just need to laugh.

Darci is a native of Arizona, but left the Phoenix area to travel through South America and eventually relocated to be closer to family. She now lives in Portland with her husband and two young boys. She loves exploring the Northwest with her family, running and writing.

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