On Site Services


Core Parenting is about the parent, the family and the community. We strive to meet parents where they live, work and play. We love having the opportunity to build programs around the needs of existing agencies and groups. From one time workshops to ongoing parenting groups we will work with your group to meet your specific needs. Below are just some of the possibilites:

  • Parent lecture series for a cohort of parents at a daycare or preschool.
  • Parenting groups offered to an existing group of moms in a parent association.
  • Pre-parenting groups offered to a group of parents at a birthing center.
  • Talks and presentations as requested by PTA groups.
  • Coaching for existing groups towards intentional community building (see blog post for more information)

We believe that working with parents within the context of their community and building on existing cohorts of families canĀ strengthenĀ supports and result in more lasting impact. Please call us to discuss how we can partner with your agency or group to meet the needs of your families.

Core Families

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